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Spend more time on doing this and make more sales.

Good morning. At least it’s morning where I am.

People tend to complicate business. But at the core business is just an exchange of value.

A client gives you money and you give them something they want.

What they want is your offer. Almost no one spends enough time on their offer. In fact most businesses don’t really make anything that called be an offer.

But if you don’t have a great offer you won’t make lots of sales. It’s that simple.

Now as soon as I say offer some people think price discount. That’s dead wrong. An offer could be that but I’d never recommend it. That type of offer attracts cheap clients and guess what? Cheap clients are actually expensive to serve. They want everything for nothing. No thanks.

An offer is simply exactly what you give in exchange for what a client gives you (money).

The more value a client sees in your offer the easier it is to say yes please here’s my money.

At every stage of your marketing you should be making offers. This is direct response marketing. Our marketing is designed to get people to take action and buy or join our lists. It’s the only type of marketing businesses should be doing. At least if you care about getting more money back than what you invested in marketing.

To finish I’ll paraphrase the words from the Godfather. Make them an offer they can’t refuse.