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Don’t drink that one it tastes like s..t.

Refreshing honesty.

I was just in a local store buying some rolls. I know my life is Instagram worthy.

And a guy was asking about some drinks in the fridge. That’s when the young staff member expressed her opinion with such honesty.

It’s rare that someone does this. But what happens is this.

The guy absolutely trusts her recommendations on drinks. A small damaging admission (that one sucks) means she is now trusted like no one else.

Let’s hope you don’t have a product that the same could be said about. But let’s also be real your offer isn’t perfect. So don’t pretend it is.

When you present your offer as flawless people go ‘yeah right’.

When you make a small damaging admission about something that isn’t perfect, they go ‘at last some honesty’.

The admission can’t be deal breaking. For example, if you sell cars it can’t be the brakes aren’t very good. But it could be that it only comes in two colours.

Something small that isn’t perfect. As soon as you’re honest the amount of trust you generate skyrockets. Everything else you say is more likely to be believed.

So what’s a small imperfection in your offer? Own it and watch clients respect you for your honesty and reward you with their purchase.