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You can’t sell your solution to someone who doesn’t know they have a problem.

Market awareness is the key to make sure your message is relevant to the person you send it to.

Eugene Schwartz shared the 5 stages of awareness and it’s the model everyone uses today.

They are:

Problem Aware
Solution Aware
Product Aware
Most Aware

I’ll be digging deeper into them in future posts but here’s a high level summary of each.

Unaware. You need a broad message about something that my a symptom of the problem you solve. For example. Not sleeping as well as you used to? This could be why.

Anyone with that symptom may read more.

Problem aware. In this case they now a bit more about the problems that come from not be sleeping as well as they used to. An example might be. Feeling tired all the time? Lack of sleep is a huge problem but there are things you can do about it.

We’re hinting that there’s a solution to their problem. They may wish to have a look.

Solution aware. They know there are things that can be done and may have identified a solution. Let’s say they’re considering a sleep therapist. We might do something like this. Sleep therapists can find the underlying cause of your lack of sleep and give you solutions.

We’re giving them a chance to learn more about this solution and see if it might work for them.

Product aware. They know they definitely want a sleep therapist. So we need to help them choose us. This is where things like 5 things you need to know before seeing a sleep therapist may come into play.

We’re educating them and moving towards choosing us.

Most aware. They have researched sleep therapists and are ready to buy. It’s just who from. Proof is critical here. Testimonials, guarantees, strong point of difference.

All these help them choose us over anyone else.

So they are the stages. Your market could be mostly at one stage so you need to identify that and match your message to the level of awareness.

If you’d like to know how to apply this in your market you’re welcome to DM me. I love sharing this process.