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The marketing Fab Four.

Work on these today to make your marketing kick arse and take names.

Most marketing I see sucks. To be specific it sucks money out of your wallet and fails to suck in enough clients.

Fixing this HUGE problem is why I do what I do every day.

Whilst marketing can be incredibly complex, it doesn’t need to be, mastering the basics is enough to help you dominate your market.

Here are the Fab Four. Any work you do on these will repay you over and over and over.

1. Making your offer irresistible. Most offers are so weak even your own mum wouldn’t buy them (and she probably loves you). It must be near impossible to say no to your offer for your desired client.

2. Client understanding. The deeper you go into what motivates people to buy what you sell the better. The goal is to be able to see the world through their eyes and feel their feelings.

3. Fix your targeting. Where are your dream clients really hanging out? What is the best way to get to them? If you think you’re going to get CEO’s reading your LinkedIn content think again. If you’re targeting younger clients maybe Facebook isn’t right. You must be where they are paying attention. And you don’t have to use only digital marketing (who knew right).

4. Change your words. A better headline on your ad or website can increase response by up to 10 times. Read that again. I’ve seen landing pages double and triple response with the right structure and words. Elections have been won on a relevant turn of phrase. What you say is powerful if you get it right.

Make yourself a promise. Take at least one of the Fab Four and work on it today.

If you put the work in you will reap the rewards. Sadly, most people won’t. But you’re not most people!