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One of the most fun things to do in marketing is to take a metaphorical sledgehammer and go smash some industry norms.

You see everyone in your industry does largely the same marketing. How do I know? Because I’ve looked at hundreds of industries.

But why does everyone do the same thing? Does it work?

Good questions to ask. But few think to do so.

You see what happens in most industries is people look at the competition, assume what they are doing works and copy it.

That’s why all plumbers look the same.

That’s why all web designers look the same.

That’s why all accountants look the same.

They aren’t. But to a client they do.

So, this is where the metaphorical sledgehammer comes in. You have to look at everything people do and find different and better ways.

Let’s look at the industries from above and see what they might do.

Plumbers often say things like fast service to your door. That’s important but it can be stronger by being more specific. For example, if we don’t arrive when we say we will then we take 25% off your bill for every 15 minutes we are late. If we’re an hour late your service is free. Now there are logistics around delivering on this that need to be figured it. But it will stand out in a very crowded market.

Web designer. Web design is largely sold on a nice-looking portfolio. Someone sees something they like so they engage that designer. But the reason most people buy web design is so they can sell more of their thing. So, what if a web designer guaranteed to design a website that will outsell your current website or you get your money back. I can feel the underpants of a few web designers tightening at the thought. But again, you can figure out the logistics of doing this if you want to.

Accountant. In Australia, at least, most are now tax compliance focused. Clients uses to get business advice but that’s very rare. What if the accounting firm created business masterminds that their best clients can join? Each month a group of non-competing businesses get together, with the accountant, and help each other solve their business challenges. If you leave the accountant you’re out of the mastermind. Imagine if this was free value-add. You’d be in category of one.

Why not have some fun today. Grab your metaphorical sledgehammer and go smash your industry norms.