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The huge AI lie.

In case you don’t know, you probably do, AI stands for artificial intelligence.

The first word tells you everything. Artificial, not real. Not a human being.

Don’t get me wrong it can do some amazing things and will only get better. But it’s not a human.

Seems everyone is copywriting has fallen in love with AI.

I put it to you it’s because they’re lazy. AI can be used to write an acceptable piece of junk content you can use the fill up the web.

But I’d never trust my business to it. Here’s why.

You’re selling to humans. Humans have emotions, wants and desires. AI can’t understand those. AI also can’t look at your offer and market and come up with a compelling point of difference.

Big ideas come from human brains. Big ideas are the only thing that will save your business from being stuck in the sea of same.

I don’t know how fast AI will evolve. Maybe this post won’t age well. Let’s face it not much does! But right now if you need words that persuade humans to do things then they must be created by an actual human.