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In the obsession with technology and data we’ve forgotten the one marketing goal that matters.

I’ll share what it is in a moment but here’s a hint.

The goal is to get a response.

But not just any response. Aim for astonishment.

Your aim is to astonish them.

Imagine every potential client is wearing a t-shirt saying Astonish Me.

Put on your creative thinking hat and figure out how to do that.

Now it may sound hard.

And I won’t lie it isn’t easy.

But if you look at your industry, you’ll soon see no one is doing it.

So even a little astonishment goes a long way.

Here’s the easiest way to astonish potential clients.

Guarantee you’ll solve their problem or else.

The ‘or else’ means there’s a remedy for them if you don’t.

Stack the odds in their favour and watch them run to buy from you instead of your competitors.

One more thing.

Almost no one will follow this proven advice.

They’re scared of having to deal with lots of guarantee claims.

But that won’t happen if you’re good at what you do.

After all if what you’re selling doesn’t deliver, you shouldn’t be selling it.