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The perils of wearing too much fragrance.

Have you ever been somewhere and you get a massive waft of fragrance even before the wearer is close by?

So strong your eyes water and you can’t ‘un-smell’ it for days, maybe weeks.

It’s just on example of how overdoing it pushes people away.

You see this all the time in something I call the new client dance.

You take a step forward.

They take a step back.

You write them a pitch.

They hit delete.

You have a ‘really good’ conversation. They say send over a proposal.

You never hear from them again.

What’s going on?

You’re like the wearer of too much fragrance, you’re trying too hard.

The more you push, the more they pull away.

Neediness smells funny and it’s something we run from.

Here’s how to end it forever.

Now this is so simple you may ignore it. Please don’t.

You put your focus 100% on the welfare of the other person. They are the most interesting person in the world to you.

And they should be in life and in business.

When you do this, you make different decisions.

You consider how what you do and say will be perceived by them.

You focus on helping them, whether or not it leads to a sale right now.

You leave them better off for the interaction with you.

You become irresistible to the right people.

It’s a much better way to do business.

It leads to a much better business.