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This weeks advice is as old as time itself.

But it has stood the test of time. Unlike most modern marketing advice which is dead as soon as it starts being widely circulated.

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Wait to have your mind blown. Joking.

Here it is.

We buy from people we like. Always have, always will.

Especially from people like us.

Especially from people who share our interests.

Especially people who show they genuinely care about us and value us.

Here’s the thing though. In the technology and automation race marketers have started to forget this.

But anyone who’s experience ‘roboservice’ knows it’s not service at all. As soon as a business comes along that is human we’re switching to them.

In fact the more human you are the greater the loyalty of your clients.

It’s really, really hard to stop buying from someone we like. It would be like letting a friend down. We don’t do it.

So my question to you is this. Do your clients like you? In fact a better question is. Do your clients love you? And. Do you love them?

A little love makes the world a better place and business a lot more fun.