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The very best lawyers never ask a question unless they already know the answer.

Journalists do it too. Except lately they are always aiming for a gotcha question, especially in politics.

There’s a big clue in that for us.

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Questions are powerful.

The most powerful are leading questions.

Questions that lead potential clients to where you want them to go.

Leading questions can help people imagine the benefits of owning what you sell. Once they imagine owning it many will buy.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you sell new cars.

You might ask this. Where are you going on your first family road trip? (assuming they have a family of course)

If you’re selling corporate stress reduction programs you might ask this. What difference would it make if workplace stress was cut in half?

Here’s one I use sometimes in my copywriting business.

What difference would it make to your business if you doubled the number of people buying from your website?

The questions are helping people come up with their own version of what the world looks like after they buy.

It’s powerful psychology.

Put it to work today. I’d love you to share the questions you come up with.