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Strange sounding word.

Powerful implication for marketers.

It’s the love of new things.

We pretty much all have it.

Our brains are wired for novelty.

Have you ever bought something and been totally in love it and then a short time later you wanted something else?

That’s the dopamine wearing off and one way to get more is to chase something new.

In fact, some people spend most of their lives chasing new. Chasing dopamine hits.

When that happens, it becomes a real problem.

But for most of us it’s more manageable.

The implication for marketers is this.

The thing you sell must ‘appear’ to be new.

Only then does it grab attention.

Only then does it get considered.

Only then do you stand a chance of getting the client.

If your thing doesn’t look new it gets categorised as ‘seen that before’.

That’s where any chance of getting the client ends.

So have a look at your marketing.

Are you selling the same old thing or something that appears to be new?