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“I just don’t see the value.”

When someone rejects your offer this is why.

Either they don’t understand the value OR they don’t see more value than what you’re charging.

Either way you’ve got work to do. You need an irresistible offer.

An irresistible offer is when the value is so clear and so high compared to the asking price that clients can’t say no.

You make more sales with an irresistible offer.

To create one first you need to understand all the value a client gets. List out every single benefit they get. Where you can, quantify those benefits. If you can’t quantify in dollar terms, think about the value of the feelings the client will experience.

Then write out the offer as for this you get all this. So how much they spend and all the benefits quantified.

Is it hard to say no to? If not try again and keep working on it until it’s so good that you even want to buy it yourself.

Then take it to market and watch your competitors weep as you clean up.