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Marketing has become a cult.

I don’t say this lightly.

I say this because of the overwhelming evidence.

I say this because marketers have become confused and think their job is to entertain.

I say this because marketers confuse activity with results.

There’s a lot of awards to be entered and won.

There’s a lot of high fiving when something goes viral.

But the goal of marketing is to create and keep a client. When you look at things through this lens you become a human marketing B.S. detector.

Let’s look at a recent example. Daniel Craig ponders, prances and dances around for 2 minutes in a video for Belvedere Vodka. Marketers are beside themselves saying how amazing it is.

But what are customers saying? More importantly what are they doing? Unless they are rushing to buy Belvedere over any other vodka brand then this marketing piece is a bust.

Yes it got some media coverage. Yes the industry loves it. But who buys vodka?

Customers do and they are the only judge of whether your marketing matters or not.

Avoid joining the marketing cult and stay 100% focussed on your clients.

Let other businesses win awards while you win and keep the best clients.