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I firmly believe you should charge the highest price you can that still represents great value for clients.

But how do you do that?

You must elevate your status.

Status is the top thing that determines how much you can charge.

Consider medical services. A general practitioner earns good money but there is a limit to how high they can go.

Whereas a specialist surgeon charges way more because of their extra skill and the value of what they do. Everything about dealing with them reflects their high status. You have to be referred. You have to wait for an appointment. You are expected to do what they tell you.

So specialisation helps. But there’s another level above that. That is celebrity.

A celebrity specialist gets paid more again. But it’s because of their reputation and profile. They may or may not have any noticeable extra skill.

Their higher status equals higher price.

You can implement this same system. Step one is to build your specialist skills. Skills that are hard to master.

Step two is to build your profile. Become a celebrity in the eyes of your dream clients.

Elevate your status, elevate your income.