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The one secret to going viral.

I’ll reveal it an a moment, I promise.

But first let me ask you this. Why do you want to go viral? What will it do for your business?

Anyone can have their 15 minutes of fame. But fame for fame’s sake isn’t worth anything.

So before you even attempt it, set a clear business goal.

Also make sure you can handle the attention if you succeed. It won’t all be good.

So now the secret. Make the person feel something strongly.

Feel really happy.

Feel really touched.

Feel really outraged.

It should be a feeling they will willingly share with their friends. Plus when they do it makes them look good. When someone shares something it’s a statement about them.

Never forget that. Always try and view it through their eyes. Better yet test it out on some people similar to your ideal audience and see how they respond.

There is never a guarantee you will go viral. If there was everyone would be doing it. But the key is strong feelings and feelings worth sharing.

Do you have a favourite viral marketing campaign? Please share it in the comments below.