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Social media is criminally unstable.

It’s like frenemy. You don’t know whether it loves you or hates you. But there’s one thing you must understand.

To any social site you are dispensable.

How do I know. There are dozens of stories I personally know of unexplained social media bans.

In fact yesterday Twitter banned me.

You know what for?

They claimed it was harassment. You know what I wrote? I wrote a positive comment about one of my favourite sporting players and news their latest injury wasn’t as bad as expected.

Somehow the bots had decided this was harassment so I can’t see how you could conclude that.

I appealed and fortunately the ban was quickly overturned when a real human looked at it properly.

But this isn’t always the case. So be prepared.

Make sure you have contact information for everyone important to your business on your own database.

That way if the fickle social Gods move against you then your business is protected.