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The real evil geniuses of persuasion are…

Try and guess before your scroll down.

If you guessed kids you’re right.

As a kid you live in a world controlled by adults. You have limited power and control.

So you have to become a master persuader to get the things you want.

A few of my favourites are:

The supermarket meltdown.

The hard core guilt based request.

The social proof (but all my friends are).

The get them when they’re tired/busy as their willpower is low and they will just say yes.

Kids have all the tricks.

So either have your own and consider them your greatest teacher. Of you can’t or don’t want kids spend time watching someone else’s in action. I suggest you try supermarkets and other shops as a starting place.

I am a proud Dad and can tell you these little geniuses have much to teach us if our eyes, ears and minds are really open.