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You can’t ignore it.

It’s hardwired into your DNA.

It’s linked to your survival.

What am I talking about?

Status baby.

How you compare to the rest of the herd.

Whether we acknowledge it, or not, it drives most of what we do.

Why we choose the house we do.

Why we choose the car we drive.

What we choose the clothes we do.

It’s all about signalling our status to everyone else.

It’s all about raising our relative status.

Because this used to mean you might survive when others didn’t.

In survival times it was your ability to hunt and deliver food that elevated your status.

Now it’s usually material things.

It drives how we make decisions. Does this increase my status? Is there any risk to my status in doing this?

It’s not conscious but it’s there all the time driving your behaviour.

The implication for anyone on marketing is that your thing must boost their perceived status. Even better if it can be used to signal high status to other people.

It’s, why handbags can sell for $10 or $450,000 (a Diamond Himalaya Birkin 30).

Once you understand status you understand people at a deep level.

Oh, and you become a powerful marketer.

What will you do today to help your clients raise their status?