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Have you ever noticed how the task you’re doing expands to fit the time you have to do it?

Have you ever noticed that as the hard deadline approaches you suddenly get it done?

That’s the power of a deadline.

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A deadline motivates you to take action.

In the same way deadlines motivate clients to take action.

If something is only available until a certain date more people will act. Even more if you remind them to as the deadline approaches.

In fact you often make the most sales right before the deadline.

Without a deadline we can easily put something off till later. Of course later never comes.

So add deadlines into your marketing mix and you will get more people buying, more quickly.

But your deadline must be real. If you try any of the fake deadline tricks you will get found out and you will lose clients. So never do that.

Set a deadline. Stick to it. No exceptions.

The stronger you are, the more people will respect and respond to your deadlines.