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It takes rare commitment to distil your marketing message to its most powerful form.

But for the few who are willing to make the effort great rewards await.

You stand out from the competition and you make far more sales.

Yesterday I heard a great example of one well done. Foodbank Victoria is a charity that provides meals to those in need. During COVID demand skyrocketed and yesterday the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Melbourne ran a fund raiser for them. It was very successful and here’s one reason why.

They have a clear marketing message. It is ‘One dollar donated is two meals created’.

This is brilliant because it shows the smallest donation can have a great impact. It also tells you exactly what your money will do in specific terms. Many charities make the mistake for demonstrating clearly what your donation means. Foodbank did the hard work to get a clear marketing message and in the competitive world of donations they are better off for it.

If you need help getting your marketing message this clear let’s chat.