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If you use this appeal in your ads, failure is assured.

I love reviewing ads. You learn so much be seeing what not to do and sometimes what to do.

One appeal used by a lot of companies is the ‘one of’ appeal. In fact I saw an example today from Macquarie Group home loans.

The line in the ad was ‘Save with one of the lowest variable rates’. I have a home loan and am open to switching but my response to this was so what.

It’s just one of the lowest, not the lowest. So why would I do anything other than ignore it?

This is the problem with the ‘one of’ appeal. The appeal you need to use instead is the ‘only one’ appeal.

Find something that only you offer. Or that you are the first to market it. A point of difference. A reason to choose you over anyone else.

Do that and your ads stands a chance of being acted on.

Please promise yourself to never, ever use the ‘one of’ appeal. I don’t want to see you waste your advertising dollars.