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This technique has probably sold more goods and services than anything else in history.

That’s a big claim.

But I believe it’s true.

So what is it?

It’s before and after.

Above all else clients are buying a better future in some way when they give you money.

They’re basically going from yuck to yay. Your challenge is to understand what the before and after is for the clients you’re after.

But it must be something THEY value. Not just something you think is a great idea. Many products die because they weren’t tested with real people and asking for real money before their full launch.

It’s important to add the feelings they get in the after state. It’s not enough to simple say something like you’ll get abs so hard you can grate cheese on them.

You have to stimulate the feelings. So you might say something like.

Imagine walking along the beach as heads turn and mortals feint at the sight of your abs of steel.

Now I’m just having fun with that but hopefully you can see the difference between just describing the result, versus helping them feel what the result will be like.

Right now write down your before and after. Add feelings. Then test it in your market to see if you got it right.