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Are you wasting the most critical part of your website?

Tick, tick, tick, gone. The time it takes it you to read that aloud is about how long a potential client will spend on your site. Unless…

You make a good first impression.

This means that you can’t just have a beautiful header with a big photo that no one cares about except the designer.

Yes it looks nice. But nice doesn’t sell.

The part of your website a potential client sees before having to scroll is known as above the fold. I refer to it as the Director of First Impressions.

It needs to state clearly what you offer and how it will make their life better.

Just saying what you do won’t get the job done. You have to grab their attention by letting them know you understand what they want.

Then you have to give them a clear next step towards getting it.

Getting this above the fold section right can increase conversion on your site by up to 10 times.

Now that’s some profitable work you should be doing today.