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I’m going to ask you a strange question.

But there’s a very important lesson in it so please pay careful attention.

Here it is.

Would you pay your current website $7,906.83 a month?

Now before you call the mental asylum to have me committed let me explain.

That figure is the average amount a salesperson earns each month in the US. No you wouldn’t keep paying a salesperson that if they didn’t make enough sales.

But your website is also a salesperson. Working (or not working) for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

So my question is this. Would you honestly pay that monthly amount for the sales your current website is generating?

If you’re being honest the answer often is no. Because you’d be wasting money.

So now that you know your website is an underperforming salesperson when are you going to take action to fix it?

I hope the answer is today.

If you’d like 3 ideas on how to improve sales from your website send me a message with your website link. Depending on how many I get I’ll reply within 24 hours.