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Do more.

Three simple categories for your marketing activities. But you can apply to them any part of your business.

I promise you that you are doing things every day that either don’t need to be done. Or don’t need to be done by you.

When you really think about a handful of things move your business forward and the rest doesn’t matter.

Please, please apply this to your marketing.

Write down all the activities your are doing each day.

Ask does this activity take to me towards where I want to be? Does it do that faster than anything else I could be doing?

If so then that’s a do more activity.

If not then it’s a stop activity.

The next list to make is everything you think you could/should do from a marketing perspective.

Then ask this question. If I do this activity does it take me where I want to go faster? If it does then this becomes a start activity.

This is a super simple exercise to do and it’s actually fun. But I know most people reading this post won’t do it.

I hope you’re not one of those people. With the world in state of constant chaos this single activity has the power to set your business on fire, in a good way.