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That’s about how long a typical person gives you when they see your website.

Attention spans are definitely what they used to be.

You can either ignore, or embrace this reality.

Smart marketers embrace it.

So it means you need to get very good at grabbing attention and getting to the point.

So long as you can let a web visitor know you have something they want and you understand them, you get some more time.

This is why I don’t think you can spend too much time getting the top section of your website right.

Most of the sites I look at having some clever and unclear there. To me that’s the equivalent of saying I hate money. You’re not giving yourself a chance to get the client.

What’s worse is the business can normally do something great for the client.

A failure to get that across quickly simply means they go and buy from a better marketer.

So if you’re amazing at what you do and you aren’t getting the results you want from your site look at what you say in your top section.

Want a free second opinion on yours? Send me a DM with your web address. Mention you’d like me to have a look at your top section and suggest how it can be improved.