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Tongue Tied.

Have you ever struggled to write a piece of marketing copy for your business?

Have you ever stared at a blank page and been so stuck you felt like the words would never come?

Of course you have. You’re human and it happens.

But here’s why it happens.

You haven’t prepared yourself to write.

Before you sit down and write you have to do your research. You also have to spend time thinking, consciously and unconsciously, about what you’re going to write.

You need and angle or idea to focus your writing around. The media has a saying ‘if it bleeds it leads’. Basically their job is to find the hook that grabs you and compels you to pay attention and read on or watch more.

I actually believe 90% of all effective marketing copy is done before you write a single word.

Once you nail your idea and nail your headline you’ll find the rest flows quite easily.

After that it’s editing and structure.

But after using this process you still find yourself ‘tongue tied’ you know who can help. Cough…me.

May the words be with you.