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You’re enthusiasm for your offer can be a bad thing.

It leads to one of the most common copywriting mistakes.

It’s this.

Trying to do too much at the wrong time. Let me explain.

I’ll use cold email to illustrate my point.

When you send a cold email you are not trying to make a sale. Yet that’s exactly what most people up trying to do.

They feel like the more they tell the more they’ll sell. But it’s not true.

With your first contact are are only doing two things.

One, not being immediately deleted and ignored.

Two, trying to gauge whether they have an interest in what you can do for them.

So your job isn’t to sell. It’s to get to the point quickly. Demonstrate you understand they have a problem you can help solve. Then ask if they’d like a bit more information on how that works.

Only if they say yes do you send more information.

Your message must match where you are in your relationship with the potential client.

You must have one next step.

You must not say more or less than you need to to get them to take that next step.

Remember this when you next write your marketing message. What do I need to happen as a result of this message?

Stay focused. Stay concise.

One step at a time only.