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Great questions encourage our minds to open up to new possibilities. I’ll explain why.

Our brains have something called a reticular activation system. It’s like a goal seeking mechanism and it responds to the dominant thoughts, ideas and questions we have at a particular time.

It’s the reason why just after you purchase a new car you see the exact same car everywhere you go. There aren’t more of them on the road it’s just you have tuned your reticular activation system to that.

So why not turn it to our advantage? Here’s one way.

My current favourite question is – What is the best way to do this?

Let’s look at applications of the simple, but powerful question.

What is the best way to get more leads for my business?

What is the best way to convert more leads into paying clients?

What is the best way to package up my product/service so I can attain the highest possible price?

I think you get the idea. Now its over to you. As a smart business owner I’m sure you can the power of turning your reticular activation system to your advantage.

So please share your commitment to taking action by sharing the question you will use over the coming week below this post.

As always questions greatly welcomed and you have my permission to message me privately if something is more confidential.