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Two words leapt out from the page.
To be fair the book already had with the title ‘ATTENTION!’.
Written in 2010 a little of the social media stuff is now dated.
But the principles within are priceless.
Here’s the one that grabbed me the most.
Astonish me. Two simple words. But the power behind those words is immense.
After all, how often are you astonished by anything? Certainly,
in business it’s not that often.
Scroll through your LinkedIn feed. Anything astonish you?
Do the same on Facebook. Anything astonish you?
I’m guessing not. But if you want some of your potential client’s attention then you need to install this as your default operating system.
The way to do that is by asking yourself this question daily.
What can I do to astonish my current and potential clients?
You might think this sounds hard. Well, it does involve thinking. But if you look around, you’ll see almost no one doing it.
So, the bar has never been lower. Even a little more gets you a long way. But make sure you put your ideas through this test.
If I do this will it astonish my clients?