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If you understand this particular conversation you will transform how many new clients you attract.

Potential clients have a lot going on their world.

In addition to their business life they have a personal life.

At any time there are conversations gong on inside their head about both.

Understanding these conversations is the secret key to unlocking the flow of new clients.

So your job is to do everything you can to see the world through their eyes, right now.

Now it’s easier to say that than do it. But doing it is possible.

People provide clues. One place to find them is their social media posts and the posts of their businesses.

Another is the media. What issues are current in their industry? How was their last annual profit report? What technology changes are happening that impact them? Are there new competitors in the market?

LinkedIn profiles often include what an employee is responsible for and passionate about.

So assemble the clues. Try and imagine you are them. How does the world look?

Once you have this market intelligence start writing your marketing messages. You may not get it exactly right but you will be a lot closer.

As a result your response rate will skyrocket.

But don’t stop there keep refining it over time in conversations with existing and potential clients.

When you know them better than they know themselves you will have reached a ‘scary good’ level of marketing power.