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5 Simple Strategies To Increase Sales Fast

It’s Monday time to get growing so here are 5 quick things you can do that will have a big impact on your business.

1. Make sure your website contains a compelling offer. It can’t just be what you do. It has to be strong enough that the client will only choose you and that they will take action right now. There is no later.

2. Stop any form of marketing that doesn’t contain an offer. So if you’re running generic ads in the local paper or ads with your brand name only on them STOP. Put a compelling offer in every ad or just stop running them as they’re not likely doing much for you anyway.

3. Declutter your website. Anything that distracts people from taking the action you want needs to go. Few choices create less confusion and less confusion leads to more sales.

4. Introduce an upsell. When someone buys from you they are in a purchasing mindset and if you will offer everyone who buys something else that complements their purchase some will say yes. 20% saying yes is achievable with a good upsell and it’s basically pure profit.

5. Make an offer to your previous clients. Your best prospects for future sales are current clients yet many businesses forget to market to their database. Come up with a great offer and send it out I’ll be amazed if you don’t get some immediate sales.

So end the week with a bang pick one of these ideas and take action right now. If it goes on your to do list it probably won’t get done and that would be a shame.