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The secret cult trick you can use to stop your clients going to the competition.

In fact 68% of your client loss is caused by your clients feeling as though you don’t care for them.

Think about your experience for a moment.

How many businesses, that you buy from, really show you how much they appreciate you being a customer?

I’m guessing you can count them on one hand. I can.

What this means is there is no strong barrier to you leaving. And you will the stats show that.

Now back to cults.

One of the things cults often do with new members is love bomb them. Shower them with love and appreciation and make them feel welcome and great. It works.

Now they often do this with bad intent. You should never do that. But if you sell great products and services doesn’t it make sense to love and appreciate your clients so they stay as long as possible?

The answer is pretty obvious. It’s a massive YES!

This is even more important today as I write this. The economy is many countries is tough. Competition is fierce. the only way will survive and thrive is to retain the clients you do have.

So how about a spot of ethical love bombing your clients this week. But don’t make this a one-off exercise. Integrate it into the way you do business forever.