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It’s been fun sharing some of the foundation principles of influence with you.

This weeks is something that is wired into us from birth so it’s really, really powerful.

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A funny thing happens we someone wears a uniform. They instantly become an authority.

We can all recall seeing people in white coats promoting health products in ads. The white coat is an authority symbol.

Generally we trust doctors because of their expertise, but more importantly their authority.

From birth we are taught to obey. Parents, teachers, other adults, police etc. It’s conditioned in. Most of us never question it.

As a business you need to focus on positioning yourself as an authority.

If you sell services then you can learn from what doctors do.

Their basic service is diagnose problems and prescribe solutions.

You can do the same. When you have a diagnosis process you immediately become the authority. Clients trust you more and are far more likely to follow your recommendations.

If you need any help putting this in place let me know. I’m happy to have a chat.