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Weak words are killing your business (read on for a special offer at the end).

How do I know?

Because I’ve looked at so many marketing pieces that fail to generate enough response to pay their way.

They are inevitably filled with jargon, bland language or worse still too few words to do the job.

Unless we get a message across to a potential client that makes them feel something the sale is lost.

LinkedIn is a classic example. So many people have their job title as their LinkedIn headline. Guess what no one cares.

But they are very interested in what you can do for them.

So why not tell them. It’s critical on LinkedIn because your headline is something that gets seen by nearly everyone.

Your headline is like bait designed to hook a certain type of client.

But if you only have your title as the headline you’re fishing with an empty hook.

The right clients will swim by and look for someone else using bait that appeals to them.

Can you afford to let this continue?

Every day you lose clients because of one simple thing.

You now know you need to fix it today.

But you may not know what to say. Luckily I’ve solved that problem for you in my latest guide.

So many people have told me they have trouble creating a marketing message that stands out. So I decided to put my best tips into a new FREE report.

It’s called ‘How To Create Your Most Powerful Marketing Message Ever’. It’s just three short, actionable pages.

To get your copy send an email to will@cashcopy.com.au with ‘Message Report’ in the subject line. I’ll send it to you.