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The weight loss marketing lesson that can be applied to any business.

We’ve all seen the photos of transformation with weight loss.

They are always dramatically different in the after photo.

Before and after is powerful. Every client that comes to you is doing so because they want something they don’t currently have.

They want some form of transformation. You must identify what this is. What is their before? What is their desired after?

You don’t necessarily need to use photos like the weight loss industry does. But you do need to be clear on it.

Then you can express that effectively in your marketing. For example If’ you’re sick and tired of posting on social media all day trying to get clients and just want a proven system to get you leads daily then read on to…

You get the idea. Before is wasting time on social media. After is consistent daily leads from social media.

Think about what the before and after looks like for your clients. Apply what you learn today.