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The marketing lesson from the people in white suits who invaded my town this weekend.

On our community Facebook page there are 234 comments so far. Many are long and ranty (if that’s that a word). But that means people are emotionally engaged and that’s powerful.

What caused it all?

It was a small group of people walking along the main street holding signs. One said sleep another no independent thought.

They all white coveralls with hoods so we couldn’t see who they were.

It freaked a few people out. They never said a word aloud.

Now I have no idea what their point was (a huge mistake). But they did get attention by doing something bold.

That’s all it takes to get attention.

Something a bit different. But make sure if you do get attention you have a goal for that attention otherwise all your hard work goes to waste.

Imagine if you were trying to get the attention of a hard to reach prospect and you camped outside their office in a white suit with a sign. It would get their attention for sure.

You may not get to see them but you can always follow up with a message. You know that crazy person outside your office the other day that was me. I have something really important to tell you and nothing else has worked so far. Would be it be worth 5 minutes on the phone to find out whether I’m really crazy or have something insanely useful for you?

Business should be fun. We should find creative ways to stand out. But above all we must get our message across.