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How to fix the biggest problem with cold email.

Yuck not another email. What the fudge do they want?

That’s what most people are thinking when they get your cold email.

Be honest you want something and they know it.

But they have never heard of you. They’re busy. The last thing they want to do right now is give you some of their valuable time.

Your email is about you. It has to be about them.

That’s where the ‘no ask’ email comes in.

Instead of starting with a compliment then moving to your pitch you remove the last part.

In other words you make no ask. Instead you simply write to them with genuine interest and appreciation for something they did.

It might be a news story about their company, a social media post. It doesn’t matter what. It matters that it’s important to them and your appreciation is sincere. They can tell if it’s not.

What happens next? If you do it right it will probably start a conversation and give you a chance to create a relationship.

Even if it doesn’t you have left them with a positive impression. This means anything you send in the future gets a few extra seconds of their valuable attention.

So try the ‘no ask’ email. Business is all about building great relationships. That starts with long term thinking.