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Why most people can’t write sales copy.

It’s not because writing is hard.

It’s not because they don’t know their product.

It’s not because they don’t have super magic copywriting training.

It’s simply because they don’t spend the time required to understand who they’re writing to.

It’s near impossible to get someone to take action unless you know the conversation going on in their brain.

This means you have to do the right research.

You have to study all the marketing in your market.

You have to study the words clients use to talk about problems they have or the things they want.

You have to load all this into your brain.

Then you have to forget about it. At least for a while.

Your brain needs time to come up with the ‘killer angle’. Journalists call this the lede.

It’s the idea that will grab attention in a crowded market.

Only once you have that idea should you put pen to paper or fingers to your keyboard.

If you have the ‘killer angle’ the copy will largely write itself. Sure you need structure and other elements for high response.

But a ‘killer angle’ and great offer will sell well even with OK copy.