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Read these names below and tell me what they all have in common.

  • The 4 hour workweek.
  • Start with why
  • The Atkins diet
  • Atomic habits
  • The four agreements
  • The 10x rule

Have you spotted it?

Of course you have.

They are all made up names.

Made up names that allow the creator to stake a claim of having something unique.

Something no one else has.

And if you have something no one else has you effectively have no competition.

It’s a simple principle.

Give your thing a unique and interesting name and immediately you stand out.

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It’s surprising more people don’t do it.

This even applies to the naming of whole categories.

Years ago the marketing term positioning didn’t exist. Then Jack Trout and Al Ries used the term. Immediately they stood out from all the other marketing and advertising people. They had something different.

Even today their work is studied by marketers. The term is used widely and most people understand the meaning.

So what will you name what you offer?

Make it unique and interesting and make your competitors irrelevant.