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A war where everyone who joins wins?

Bear with me and let me prove it to you.

Here’s a war I’ve been waging most or my copywriting career and it’s the war on ‘Word Fluff’.

Word Fluff is a deadly disease and impacts most businesses.

Have you ever seen an ad and had no idea what they were advertising?

Have you ever visited a website and had no idea what the business does?

Have you ever received a really long direct message telling you how wonderful a certain company is?

If you have, and who hasn’t, you’ve suffered from being exposed to Word Fluff.

The consequences are deadly and include the worst possible one. Not buying.

So I am on war to rid the world of it. Now I know it will take more than my lifetime to fix it.

But if I can see one less we. Or one less ‘too clever’ word when a simple one would so then that’s a win.

So please join me in the fight. Have a good hard look at your ads, website, brochures etc. Look for Word Fluff. Anything that isn’t clear to someone who knows nothing about you.

Please, please start today.

Let’s leave Word Fluff to the worst abusers of it, the Politicians.