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See if you can spot my post theme.

I’ve been studying LinkedIn ads.

If I’m being honest, yes I’m generalising, they are some of the worst ads you’ll see on any platform.

Why is this?

I think there’s a few reasons.

Many marketers think they need to sound ‘intelligent and businessy’ in their ads. And yes businessy is a word, or at least it is now.

But the biggest problem is the same as with any bad ad.

A lack of clear thinking before creating the ad.

That’s why so many ads contain more than one idea/message. If you study attention you know it’s near impossible to get one message heard and understood. There’s no way you can do more than one.

You’re taking a few seconds out of someone’s day with your ad.

So have the courtesy to get the basics right.

The basics are right message, to the right audience.

If you’re nervously reading this because your current ads are gathering more cobwebs more than clients then let’s chat.

In a challenging economy you need to make your ad dollars count.