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Welcome back influence seekers.

Here’s a clue to this weeks secret.

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In life there’s an out group and an in group.

No surprise which one we aspire to be part of. There’s an aspiration or identity that we value and see in certain groups.

It translates into products as well. Luxury brand buying signals we are part of an exclusive group. People can see that from the branding on the item.

The insight to use is to make being part of your thing very attractive. Also not available to everyone. We want what we can’t have.

Smart marketers will often put obstacles in the way. It means you have to prove yourself to get into their thing.

As a result you actually value it more.

Ask yourself this. How can I create an ‘in crowd’ feel to my offer?

But remember don’t fake it. People have an in built detector for fake. Embrace the philosophy and it becomes a bases for building a cult brand. Can anyone say Apple!