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Artificial Intelligence (AI) will put copywriters out of business.

That’s what the sellers of AI would have you believe.

But it simply isn’t true. Here’s why.

AI takes your input which is the topic you want to write about and then gives you output from a giant database of content.

So this might give you a good start on an article but right now there’s no chance it will produce copy that will persuade someone to buy something.

The words will be informative not persuasive. To persuade you have to understand people and understand your market.

You then need to think about how you can create a fresh message that the market will respond to. Anything the market has seen before will be ignored. That is all AI gives you.

It might change in the future. It might. But it’s a long way off at best.

So if you want a marketing message that gets clients opening their wallets and giving you money go for Real Intelligence not artificial.