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I train myself to hear voices.

You should too.

Not the ones that tell you to bad things, obviously.

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But the ones that tell you how to improve your marketing.

The voices of your dream clients.

If you train yourself to hear them, you get insights that your competition just won’t.

Amazingly you can then create marketing that is about THEM. They’ll love it and give you more money.

Sound good?

If you’re in business and have the pulse the correct answer is YES.

But you’re probably wondering how to do it. Glad you asked.

Here are a few ways.

Talk to your existing clients. Ask them why they came to you and why they bought from you. Ask if there’s anything you can do to improve. Ask for brutally honest feedback.

Another is look at popular books on your topic on Amazon. Read the reviews. See what people love and want to know. See what people didn’t get that they wanted.

Reddit is another place to go. They have a group for almost everything. Spend some time reading and engaging. Asking questions. Learning.

Add everything you find into a note file. It’s the rich material that allows you to build effective marketing.

Reviews are also gold. Yours and those of your competitors. Look at Google and popular review websites. Bear in mind some could be fake but learn what you can.

This is all you really need. Train yourself to hear the voices of your dream clients and use what you learn to build an amazing business.