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Why your partner doesn’t find you sexy any more.

A horrible things happens when life becomes familiar.

We get bored.

When we get bored we tend to look for the new thing.

The novelty triggers a release of dopamine the feel good chemical in our brain.

Now I’m not offering relationship advice. But if I did I’d say do things to keep your relationship feeling fresh and new. I’d also advocate being genuinely interested in your partner and paying real attention to them.

But I’m here to show you how to apply this to your business.

The number one thing you must do is present your product and new and different.

If, for even a second, a client thinks you’re the same then you will be passed over for someone who appears new.

So you can save your relationship and your business by focusing on keeping everything looking new, fresh and exciting.

Dig deep into your marketing today and honestly ask yourself this. Does this feel new? If the answer is no, and it probably is, then get to work fixing it.

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