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There are two reasons why people buy anything.

Knowing them really simplifies your marketing.

Applying them really transforms your marketing.

Here they are.

People buy when something hurts or when they want to feel good.

Something hurting is normally more powerful. It makes sense right? Last time when you were n pain how long were you willing to put up with it before doing something about it? Not long is my guess.

But your dream car or dream home may still be just that, a dream. It isn’t an urgent, right now, problem.

Your clients have problems. Your clients want to feel good. You have to dig into what is top of mind for them right now. Once you know that then you tie your message to that. Obviously, as long as your offer helps with them with it.

If you have a choice, and you do, pick a business that solves painful and expensive problems. It will be easier to get clients and they will gladly pay you more.