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Have I lost the plot?

Bear with me.

I’m not saying sell cheap things.

I am saying make your thing appear to be cheap.

See people are very subjective when they look at your price.

They can often view you as expensive because they don’t see the value they’re getting.

And it’s on you to fix that.

Whatever you sell should be cheap compared to all the value they get back. When this is the case it’s easy to say yes.

So, it’s not a case of being cheap.

It’s a case of being cheap compared to everything they get.

Every purchase is a decision that what you offer is worth more than the money they’re giving you.

It is all about contrast.

The greater the contrast between value and price, the easier it is to make more sales.

So be good cheap.

Just make sure you educate your clients on why this is the case. Don’t leave it for them to figure out or the strategy won’t work.