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Frankly most marketing deserves the middle finger.

As a consumer of it, you know that’s true.

Because marketing is universally terrible. But why?

I’ll probably write a book on why but for now understand this.

You’re interrupting their day.

They aren’t rolling out the red carpet and making coffee waiting for your marketing to show up.

They have lives.

They have problems, many problems.

They are stressed.

They don’t know you.

They get bombarded by people just like you all day, every day.

Still think your marketing is good enough to beat all that?

It isn’t that’s why you either get on response or the middle finger if they’re in a bad mood.

So, what do you do instead?

You make your marketing highly relevant to the conversation going on in their brain right now.

You make your marketing fun.

You make your marketing valuable.

If you’re going to interrupt their day, you are, then make sure they get a return on the life they invest consuming it.