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The lost art of the big marketing idea.

I’m not sure when the big idea died. But on the evidence available (current marketing campaigns) it’s either dead or on life support.

But I wont let it die without a fight and neither should you.

A big marketing idea is the hook you build your marketing on.

It should scare you and more importantly terrify your competition.

It should grab the attention of your best clients and cause them to stampede towards you with fistfuls of cash.

It must be unique.

It must fit with your overall business strategy.

It should be able to run for some time without much change.

To find your big idea there is a 5 step process you can follow. I have written about it before but if don’t have that and want a copy please message me and I’ll send it to you.

Demand a big idea from yourself or your marketing team. No one should ever suffer from mediocre marketing with mediocre results.